Second-hand, Antiquarian and Out-of-Print Books

We sell second-hand and antiquarian books for the collector, dealer or casual reader. The books can be of any age.

Old, rare, modern and out-of-print booksArt, childrens, cookery, gardening, natural history, travel, topography, military, history and transport are just some of the subjects we cover.

We do not specialise in any one subject but try to satisfy most tastes, not just in books, but also maps, old postcards, ephemera and prints.

Our total stock is in excess of 20,000 books so if you can't find the title you’re looking for online, please of your requirements.

Blakeney Book Fairs

The Blakeney book fairs, which take place throughout the year, have now become established North Norfolk events where we are able to provide a wide range of books, maps, prints and postcards for the collector, dealer or casual reader.

Summer in NorfolkLots of new stock, together with the usual favourites – natural history, transport, cookery, military, sport, gardening, children’s etc.

You can always contact us if you are looking for particular titles or subjects.

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Don’t forget we always have a good selection of ordnance survey maps at all of our fairs.

Magnifying GlassSearch and buy our books online

The internet stock is kept separate from the book fair stock, minimising the risk of disappointment that a book spotted on our website has already been sold.

By searching the website it is possible to select and purchase from over 5,000 titles currently available. New titles are continually being added to our online stock. We can post a book to almost anywhere in the world. This is a great way of sending a unique gift to someone far away. Purchases can be made securely using most credit cards or PayPal.

Recent Customer Comments:

"Book arrived this morning, just wanted to say thank you for a fault free excellent service" - T.S
“It's hard to believe this book is second hand, it's in such fantastic condition. We're thrilled, many thanks!” - Mrs D.J.W.

David and Ann

David Ford and TessSelling second-hand and antiquarian books is a full time business for David and Ann along with their new full time assistant Cassy the Border Collie puppy. Cassy joined the family firm in March on a strictly bed and full board basis. She is currently reading Proust.

David Ford Books started in Tring, Hertfordshire in 1982 and in 2007 moved to Cley-next-the-Sea on the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

Provincial Book Fairs AssociationWe are members of the PBFA
(the Provincial Book Fairs Association).



If you have books to dispose of why not give us a call?
David makes regular buying trips within Norfolk and also makes occasional buying trips to Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.